Give Flowers on Mother’s Day

Warragamba Preschool is a large group of 100 families.  This year they were ready for a change away from the never-ending chocolate drives and decided to go with Living Fundraisers new Flower Growing Kits. The committee loved the idea and loved the profit margin of 40%. 

The committee was very conscious that Living Fundraisers’ products are ethical. It is one of the main reasons they prefer not to do chocolate drives.

They ran the fundraiser in time for Mother’s Day.

A kit was sent home with each family and the feedback was excellent.  Parents loved the new idea! It was such a hit that the local primary school is now interested too.

Tammy helped organise the fundraiser and she is very happy with the results. The profits went towards new educational resources that the preschool needed. Tammy said that the feedback from mums is that the flowers look great in their pots sitting on windowsills.

Tammy’s advice for anyone planning a Mother’s Day fundraiser is to make sure you allow enough time for it to work.  Mother’s Day falls around the same time as school holidays and she felt they did not allow enough lead time.

For a preschool of this size the preparation, distribution and follow up can be time consuming.  She advises working around the dates of the school holidays so that families have enough time to purchase, but not so long that they forget about the kits.

The preschool plans to run a herb and vegie fundraiser in spring and is looking forward to it.