Gift Pack Attack

It has been a busy year for Peta in Australind, WA who is raising funds for her daughter’s World Challenge trip to Madagascar.  Since starting her campaign last year, she has made several orders for Growing Products, Birthday and Greeting Cards, Snacks and Seed-embedded Christmas Cards to make up gift packs to sell at stalls and to friends and family, as well as friends of friends she has been able to reach by creating a Facebook group.

Peta also sells individual products but it is the gift packs have really taken off, and she sees no sign of sales slowing down either.  “People come to buy one thing, and leave with another!” she explains.  “As an individual fundraiser, you really need to think outside the box, and I am just glad my idea is working.  I have a table set up in my dining area and my friends are no longer coming to visit because they know they’ll get roped into helping me wrap my packs!”

Peta’s gift packs are popular amongst adults and children and cost $20 or less.  She runs specials from time to time and sometimes even offers delivery, depending on where her purchasers live. The most popular gift pack is made up of a Veggie Growing Kit, a Herb Packet, an “insect” watering can and some gardening gloves.  She has also made up Flower packs, special Father’s Day gift packs using some of our snacks, as well as Christmas packs including our Seed-embedded Christmas Cards.

With another three stalls on the agenda, and Christmas coming up, Peta will soon be placing another order.  She is just hoping that the local school don’t take all her customers as they too have started a Living Fundraiser!


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