Get the parents excited

As Director of Bradbury Preschool Kindergarten, Kylie has been involved in many fundraisers and recently used Living Fundraisers to raise funds for the kindergarten.

Kylie chose to do a card drive with our new Greeting Card packs rather than stick to the traditional chocolate drives.  She says parents absolutely loved the idea of the greeting cards instead of always having to sell chocolates.  They also loved the fact that the cards were such great quality and so affordable.

With 125 families in the kinder community it was important for Kylie that the fundraiser was something that would appeal to everyone and would be easy for the fundraising co-coordinator to implement.

After originally sending home a combo pack of the cards with the parents, Kylie then left it up to the parents to choose whether they wanted more.  She was surprised at how many parents came back asking for more cards as they were so easy to sell.

“This is one of the easiest and most successful fundraisers we have run”, Kylie said.

“It is exciting to see our families becoming excited about fundraising again and that is purely due to the product choice.”

Kylie says the one thing she has learnt from this fundraiser is to always be mindful of the timing of your fundraiser.   She says they held this fundraiser a little too close to another major fundraiser for the school and next time would be aware of the timing.  Despite this timing, the kinder still made a $1,500 profit which was a great result.

The fundraising coordinator also mentioned to Kylie that one of the things she loved the most was the regular progression emails from Living Fundraisers reminding her what needed to be done and sharing fundraising tips.  She says these made life much easier and were very much appreciated.

When asked if she would hold a Living Fundraiser event again, Kylie assured us that she would be as she has already booked in for a flowers & herbs fundraiser in a month’s time.