Customisable Templates

The links below contain customisable newsletter templates in Word to keep your families/members informed about your fundraising drive throughout the different stages:

Growing Kits – take home drive

Lifestyle – take home drive

Growing Kits – order form drive

Lifestyle – order form drive

Bulbs – order form drive

Christmas – order form drive 

If you would like to give your families/members the choice of participating, please use our suggested “Opt in” or “Opt out” wording by copying and pasting the text found in the link below:

Opt in or Opt out

Please also visit the Downloads section of our website for printable promotional material including posters, newsletter and social media graphics, product flyers, order forms and more. Click here.  Please feel free to join our closed Facebook Group too – a community where you can share ideas and tips with fellow fundraisers, as well as ask us questions and access lots of handy resources for free.