Fundraising Downloads


General Guidelines and Advice


Information and guidelines to help you organise and run an effective fundraiser:

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Order Forms & Tally Sheet for Order Form Drives


Download our printable guidelines for running an order form drive here.

Order Forms in printable format can be downloaded below:

Please note, hard copies of the forms are also available for distribution to your families/members if you’d prefer. Please contact us and advise the number required.

This Order Form Tally Sheet (excel file) can be used to collate orders to conclude an order form campaign (note: different worksheets for each product).

Promotional Material


Flyers included in the carry bags/boxes handed out to participants for take-home drives to help them with product sales. They can also be used to pin up at stalls/displays:

Graphics to insert into your newsletter or Facebook page to promote your drive and remind participants of deadlines:

For customisable templates for letters/newsletters, please click here.