5 uses for our Soy Candle boxes

We’re sure that you would agree our Soy Candle boxes are just too pretty to throw away once the candles have finished burning, so have come up with a few different ways to recycle them.   Buy some seedlings or reserve some of your Living Fundraisers Herb,... read more

Flower Power Fundraising

Dalby Christian College’s Early Learning Centre recently finished the first of their three Living Fundraisers drives for the year and what a wonderful job they did! Centre Director, Erica chose the Flowers to start with as she thought they looked lovely and was also... read more

Garden Tic-Tac-Toe

Reinvent the classic paper-and-pencil game of Tic-Tac-Toe (or Noughts and Crosses as you may know it) by creating a big, outdoor version. You can even make it edible which will go down a treat with the kids!  Click here for our printable activity... read more

Rainbow Cauliflower Fried Rice

This recipe by Sherrie from The Wellness Seed is a delicious low carb, grain free winter warmer. A beautiful rainbow dish of antioxidants and flavonoid! Click here for our printable recipe sheet.   Sherrie Miller is a holistic nutritional medicine practitioner... read more

Kitchen Activity: Food rainbow

Here at Living Fundraisers, we LOVE rainbows and try to incorporate as many colours into our cooking as possible. We also had this idea…. a Food Rainbow to teach kids about the importance of eating healthily. Click here to view our printable activity sheet.... read more

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Gawler Health Foundation has been placing orders with us for over a year now, so we thought it was about time we got in touch to find out exactly how they run such successful fundraisers. In the past they have sold our Herb and Veggie Kits and the 2016 range of... read more

Garden Mushroom Pots

Add a pop of colour to your garden this winter with these gorgeous mushroom pots. They make for a wonderful weekend or school holiday activity to do with the kids and may even inspire a visit from some magical creatures!  Click here for our printable activity... read more

Review by The Multitasking Woman

“..In addition to Living Fundraisers being a great alternative fundraising idea, the growing kits are a great way to encourage kids to get outdoors to do some gardening and as a way to teach them how plants grow. We had lots of fun planting our Sunflowers,... read more

Create your own Giant Jenga for the Garden

Jenga is an awesome activity for all ages, and even more fun when it is super-sized and can be played in the great outdoors… just be careful where you stand! Click here for our free instruction sheet to download and print. Happy stacking… and... read more