Planting Bulbs with Jamie

Jamie shows us just how easy it is to grow beautiful Spring flowers from bulbs! For more detailed instructions, this article by Homelife is great and for a handy diagram on planting depths, click... read more

Competition: Win an iPad

We love hearing about your fundraising plans, from how you and your committee promote and run your campaigns, to the incentives you offer your participants, down to how you thank your purchasers.  This month we’ve decided to give away an iPad to the group with... read more

Pita pizzas

Kids love making their own pizza! This is the perfect snack, lunch or dinner during the school holidays, especially when they have friends over.  Have a variety of ingredients for them to experiment with. Favourites include corn, basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes,... read more

Grass Hair Kits sell themselves

Daws Road Early Learning Centre exceeded all fundraising expectations when they had to top up their Grass Hair Kits by 10 boxes before they had even finished their take-home drive!  They started out with 30, as well as 30 carry bags of Herb Growing Kits. Fundraising... read more

Gingerbread Bliss Balls by The Wellness Seed

Our friend, Sherrie from The Wellness Seed has come up with a delicious recipe for Gingerbread Bliss Balls, or as she likes to call them, Gingerbread-ish Bliss Balls! Either way, we are SOLD! Who doesn’t love a guilt-free Christmas treat? For this delicious... read more

Stay Grassy, Warialda

Warialda Preschool was one of the first groups to fundraise with our Grass Hair Kits – Christmas range and what a hit they were, not just with the preschool families, but with the wider community. Sara chose the Grass Hair Kits as the preschool liked the idea of a... read more

Rainbow Boats

“Rainbow Boats” sounds like most kids would enjoy for dinner, especially if they can lend a hand in putting them together! For a Stuffed Capsicums, aka Rainbow Boats recipe, click here.... read more

Growing Gifts for all

With the Beechwood Primary parent committee fundraising for an outdoor kitchen, our growing kits were an obvious choice for their Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls. Alison ordered for both stalls at the same time which meant we could offer bonus profits on their... read more

Scouts fundraising with purpose

Richlands / Forest Lake Scouts have just wrapped up their Living Fundraisers drive and what a great result they achieved.  Like last year, they opted for Growing Kits but also added our brand new Soy Candles for something different.  They proved to be as much of a hit... read more

Candles or “Zoning Pigeons”?

The fundraising coordinators at Edward River Gardens nursing home were run off their feet the minute their Soy Candles arrived. According to Rosemary, she “should have closed the doors before opening the boxes to prevent the hordes of staff members wanting a piece of... read more