A Fun Fundraising Idea for Father's Day

Tara from Stanwell Park Public School wanted to run a Father’s Day stall with products that were both high-quality and promoted healthy eating.  Our Mixed Herb and Veggie kits fitted her criteria perfectly and were a great choice for that time of year too.

With a background and passion in food, Tara enjoyed creating recipe cards to match the different herb and veggie varieties and used some string to attach one to each product. She kept her recipes simple and matched the colours on the cards to our packaging, creating very visually-appealing gifts for the kids and their dads. “The recipes actually saved me time as I didn’t need to go out and buy anything extra” she insisted.

A couple of the volunteer mums spent a few minutes in the days leading up to the stall presenting the products to the kids and encouraged them to think about the types of food their dads like to eat.  On the day they were able to sell over 100 gifts to a bunch of very excited students!

If you’re looking for a healthier fundraiser this Father’s Day, Tara highly recommends our growing kits, and if you’ve got the time, adding an extra touch such as a recipe card, will go a long way!