From Worms to Wads

Spring was the perfect time for St Joseph’s School in North Rockhampton to run a Living Fundraiser’s Growing Products drive.  Not only had it just received a Worm Farm donation from Bunnings, but it had the support of the nearby Kindy which loves all things gardening.

Each of the school’s 230 families received a carry bag of Herbs, Veggies, Flowers or Fruit to take home, and an additional 20 carry bags were snapped up by the Kindy.  Ordering this way allowed the school to raise thousands of dollars.

According to committee member, Michelle, they didn’t even have to try to sell the products!  “All the school had to do was hand out the bags” she said.  “It was a minimal effort for such a great result and the feedback we received was overwhelming.  Everyone asked how we found about the fundraiser – they thought the products were a nice change, very refreshing”.

Word spread quickly via mouth and the school’s Facebook page.  “It was like a trading page!” explained Michelle.  “Families were swapping products and leaving them for one another in the office.  Everything seemed to work out perfectly!”

Michelle doubts many products will come back from families but if they do, the teacher’s will be happy to purchase them as many missed out!  They also have the option of selling any left overs at the school fete.