From Dirt to Sand

Chrystal’s Cheerful Private Daycare centre has proven that sometimes the smaller the group, the bigger the effort.

A fundraising rookie, Chrystal was a little overwhelmed by all the options out there but after a few emails and phone discussions we were able to help her come up with a fundraising plan that the centre’s seven families could really get excited by.  “With the help of the Living Fundraisers’ wonderful staff answering my every question and addressing any confusion, I soon understood how it all worked and could go on to book my fundraiser” she said.

She ordered across all four ranges of growing kits; herbs, veggies, fruit and flowers, to ensure people had a nice variety to choose from.  “With the added bonus of the products being healthy and family friendly, I was very confident that my fundraiser would succeed and raise all the money we needed, or more.”

Chrystal used Facebook to promote the fundraiser, both before it started and during it. She used images provided by Living Fundraisers and offered descriptions of the products.  She also made sure everyone knew exactly where the funds were going.  And where did they go?  Towards a nice big sandpit, with all the toys the kids could imagine!