Flower Power Fundraising

Dalby Christian College’s Early Learning Centre recently finished the first of their three Living Fundraisers drives for the year and what a wonderful job they did!

Centre Director, Erica chose the Flowers to start with as she thought they looked lovely and was also impressed by the price and profit margin. By booking in another two drives at the same time, she was able to increase their profit margin even further with the Bonus Profits Deal; for their Veggie drive taking place in September, they’ll receive 45% profits and for their Seed-embedded Christmas Card drive happening a little later, a huge 50% profits!

Whilst Erica said “the flowers were so easy to sell, they literally sold themselves”, a lot of consideration still went into how best to run their take-home drive.  She decided that by splitting the kits in half and giving each family just five flower pots to buy/sell, that they would be more likely to achieve their fundraising goal. She also allowed families to opt-out by making a $25 donation instead. This approach worked very well as at the end of it all, they only had four kits to return out of 40!

She also made sure parents were aware of the upcoming fundraiser weeks in advance and that the goal was to raise enough to complete improvements to the outdoor area. During the drive she used the weekly templates emailed by us to encourage participation and notify parents of deadlines for returns and payments.

To ensure parents don’t feel overloaded with fundraising efforts, Erica has chosen to mix things up a bit and make the next drive an “opt-in” take-home fundraiser, with the bulk of the products to be sold at market stalls and stands. Come November, they will run the Seed-embedded Christmas Cards as another take-home drive with split kits.