Fast money!

St Mary’s Primary School, Casino is a large school of 380 families in a regional area, which can make the management of fundraisers a difficult task.   That didn’t happen with the Living Fundraisers fundraising event.

With a big school it can be hard to get family involvement especially if you are running the same old events like chocolate drives.  Louise, a parent at the school and the fundraising coordinator,  believes that families are sick of having to try to sell chocolates to their friends and families, especially when other schools are trying to sell something similar.

The school chose the herbs and vegies for their fundraiser because it was different to the regular offerings, and one they knew families would be interested in.  They ordered 380 kits–one for every family.

Louise managed the fundraiser with the help of her committee and the office staff.  She tracked each kit and ticked them off as the kit or the money was returned to the school.  She says that it was one of the easiest fundraisers to manage despite the numbers.

The best thing about the fundraiser is that it raised the funds quickly.  The process was simple and the 40% profit was exactly what they needed to boost the bank balance for the P&F Committee.

Louise said that the profits might have even been more than the $6500 that they raised but for the holidays which interfered with the process.  Some families forgot to sell the kits so they were returned.  Just imagine how much they might have raised otherwise!

Louise recommends following up late returns with a phone call.  She said that it brings a much better response than she got from sending home reminder notes with the children.

Running this fundraiser was much easier because the families were more interested and willing to be involved.  The process was smooth and the return was excellent.

Louise and the committee hope to run this fundraiser again to help purchase specific pieces of equipment for the school.