How does it work?


Living Fundraisers is modelled on the well-known chocolate drives. You can run a drive in the following ways (or combine them):

Take home method: Each fundraising participant takes home a carry bag/box. They then sell the items in the carry bag/box and return the money to the school/organisation. See more here.

Order form method: Each fundraising participant takes home an order form and collects orders and money. You then collate the orders, send to us, then distribute items back to your sellers. This method is generally not as successful as the take-home method, because people are more inclined to buy things that they can have immediately, rather than having to wait for their order to arrive. See more here.

Stall/display method: Living Fundraisers’ products make wonderful stall items and are popular for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls and many other events, markets etc. As these events can often be unpredictable, it is best to order in small numbers, unless you have a number of events scheduled, or plan on sending left overs home with families. See more here.

Are there any upfront costs?

No, for Take home and stall/display campaigners, Living Fundraisers will bill you for your items. You will receive a 30-day invoice to give you enough time to sell your items. Order form campaigns are due on date of dispatch. You keep your share of profits at all times. Please note, organisations without an ABN and individual fundraisers will be required to pay a deposit at the time of ordering.

Is there a delivery fee?

Delivery is free for orders over 50 kits. For all other orders, a $20 shipping and handling fee will be applied.

Can we return unsold items?

Yes, in most cases. Returns are accepted up to the minimum order (10 carry bags/boxes). We are not able to accept returns on Bulbs or Snacks. See our full policy here.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, we ask that you order a minimum of 10 carry bags/boxes and order in multiples of 5, i.e. 10, 15, 20, etc for take-home and stall/display fundraisers.

How much should we order?

Most organisations order one carry bag/box per family/member.  Some organisations allow people to opt-out of the drive before it starts. This helps maximise participation and can save you time chasing people who didn’t want to be involved. See our Opt-in and Opt-out templates for suggested wording here.

When should we order?

Living Fundraisers dispatches three times a week:

Orders received by 3pm on Mondays are dispatched on Wednesday

Orders received by 3pm on Wednesdays are dispatched on Friday

Orders received by 3pm on Fridays are dispatched on Monday

Please note that we dispatch by courier from Melbourne, so transit times will depend on your location. You are also able to track the transit of your items online.

We encourage you to book your drive in as early as possible. Please visit our Fundraising Season Planner to help you to decide when to run your fundraiser/s.



How do I order?

You can email us at info@livingfundraisers.com.au, call 1300 848 993 or to order online, click here.

What support materials are provided for coordinators?


Lots! Living Fundraisers provides everything you need to run your drive.

We will send you:

Tally sheet to record distribution of items and return of money

Easy to follow instructions

Templates to copy and paste to keep your group informed throughout the drive

Tally sheet, instructions and return label for product returns

Regular emails keeping you informed of the status of your order

Each carry bag/box comes equipped with your chosen products, a product information sheet, money envelope and credit card slip.  We will also send you some posters to promote your drive.

Additional tools and information are also available on our downloads page and you may also want to follow us on Facebook – our page is full of useful info, resources and other fun stuff to help inspire your fundraising, cooking, gardening and craft activities with the kids.





What information is provided for sellers?


Each fundraiser carry bag/box includes the items for sale, full instructions and product information and an envelope to hold and return their money and credit card slips.