Every little bit makes a big difference

Natalie from Try Coburg Kindergarten says that raising funds with Living Fundraisers is easy and a lot of fun.

Instead of running a fundraiser in the regular way where families are each allocated a kit to sell, the kindergarten opted for a voluntary approach.

Knowing that most parents are busy juggling work and family commitments, the committee felt that they might have more success by allowing families to take as many or as few kits as they thought they could sell.

Natalie said that, knowing that money is tight in this economic climate, they did not want to put extra pressure on families.

The kinder ordered a mix of Herbs, Flowers and Christmas Cards and Natalie believes that they chose the perfect time to sell these products, and that was part of the key to their success.

The fundraiser was supported by only a few families, but that did not stop it from being successful. One dad emailed his entire office and sold lots.

“The families who loved the product were our best sales people and they made the fundraiser a roaring success.  You don’t need a lot of people involved; you just need the power of people who want to share a good thing,” Natalie said.