Eggcellent Kid's Garden Activities

Eggshells can be used for so many garden and craft activities; here’s just a couple we thought we would share.

egg-2Eggshell painting (pictured) – fill your empty eggshells with paint and water, cover the holes with tissue paper, then go crazy and throw them at your canvas! Very messy but very fun! Mama Pyjama has created some step by step instructions with pictures and a video on her blog – check it out here.

Eggshell planting – LF’s Rae and her little Fun!raisers brought some mini cacti from Bunnings and transplanted them into eggshells they had recycled. Cute!

You can also raise herb, veggie, fruit and flower seedlings in eggshells, or use broken up shells to fertilise your garden – tomatoes in particular love this kind of food!