Dancing With Health

Fundraising for a dance troupe has to be a carefully chosen thing.  With an emphasis on strong and healthy bodies, our Tasty Snacks fundraiser was the perfect solution. Raising funds is often a difficult thing to do in a small town because your group has to compete against the fundraisers of other groups running at the same time. Lynn was looking for something that met her criteria. It had to be: different; affordable; and healthy.  Our Tasty Snacks were perfect for her needs.

In the beginning Lyn ordered 15 sets which her committee members sold very quickly. She then ordered another 15 which also sold well. Overall she sold 30 kits with a total value of $864 and made $576, which is a 40% profit.

Lyn has a child who suffers from lactose intolerance and says that the packs were really handy.  “For once I didn’t have to worry about which child got which snacks” she said.

Her tips for a great fundraiser are simple: Choose a product that you know your families will love; then you know it will sell well. She also recommends choosing a product that is easy to reorder in case you are run off your feet with sales. and having a solid group of committee members behind the fundraiser to keep it moving and looking for new places to sell the products.

Lyn ran her fundraiser over Easter. The town is coastal and has a lot of visitors over the holiday season. Part of her success was in doorknocking and visiting the local caravan park to sell to the tourists.  She said the products were very easy to sell and almost sold themselves. She was surprised at how simple it was to earn a good profit.


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