Cold Day = Hot Profits

Camberwell Girls Grammar School’s Environmental Group, “Froggies” recently held their “Cold Day” – an annual fundraising event at which all heaters are turned off and students have the opportunity to sell and buy handmade and environmentally friendly products in their casual clothes. 

The Living Fundraisers Herb Growing Kits were a big success at the event and year 12 Froggies member, Daisy was thrilled to have raised double the amount of last year’s profits!  “The Herbs were very popular.  They contain everything you need, making them so easy to use” she explained. “They also last a long time and just keep growing and growing!  Everyone is looking forward to using them in their cooking”.

They have a few growing kits left over from their stall but Daisy said they are continuing to be purchased from students’ families, students themselves and teachers.  They also have a Christmas stall later in the year at which any leftover kits can be sold.

The money raised by Froggies goes towards the protection of endangered animals.