Cash for Candles

Macarthur Early Learning was one of the first groups to fundraise with our brand new 100% Soy Wax Candles, and what a great success they had!

Impressed by Living Fundraisers’ varied product range, the family based committee decided on 20 kits each of Herbs and Veggies, Greeting Cards and the Candles for a take-home drive.  Bernice explained that whilst they knew these products would be popular, they weren’t expecting to have to top up their order within only one week!

“Our families were very excited, most would take one to three bags. The candles went so quick, people were crying out for more! They smell divine so having an open pack for families to smell really helped, as did the fact that they only had to sell five items” she said.

Bernice and the crew created posters with pictures of their chosen items to display at the centre and communicated the fundraiser to the families via their app.  They also set up a display table in the foyer of the centre which she said was important.  “Having a big display with open products for people to see really encouraged families to take at least one carry bag to sell and any individual items returned, I will sell in the foyer.”

Having done a Growing Kits fundraiser previously, the centre was no stranger to Living Fundraisers and they plan to keep coming back for more, as long as we keep the exciting new products coming (which of course we plan to do)! “The profits are great for minimum effort and we’d love to see more new products pop up too” finished Bernice.