Candles or "Zoning Pigeons"?

The fundraising coordinators at Edward River Gardens nursing home were run off their feet the minute their Soy Candles arrived. According to Rosemary, she “should have closed the doors before opening the boxes to prevent the hordes of staff members wanting a piece of the action!”  She described the candles as being like “zoning pigeons” and whilst she was a little unprepared for the level of enthusiasm, she is thrilled with the amount that sold in the first week of the drive.

Most of the purchasers were staff members and residents but word also spread to the wider community. Rosemary said one person bought a whole carry box of five on the spot and commented “that’s my Christmas sorted!”.

Rosemary advertised the fundraiser through Facebook as well as the local “Chat” paper and was also able to cash in on events such as their reunion which she required a top up order for. She said people were very impressed with the $15 price as many places sell smaller candles for $20! She also commented on how well the candles themselves have been received, “You don’t even need to burn them for the lovely scents to fill your house – you just left the lid off!”

Overall Rosemary has been thrilled with the candle fundraiser and she is glad that she took the time to research niche products and things that people actually want.