Broome North Committee lights the way with Candle Fundraiser

Living Fundraisers was recommended to Liz by her friend from another school who’d had lots of fundraising experience. As this was Liz’s first time on the fundraising committee at Brome North Primary, advice was welcomed.  After doing some research on our website, she found our products to be reasonably priced and decided on the Soy Candles for something different ahead of Mother’s Day.

The committee kick-started the selling of the candles and within a couple of weeks, they’d sold out and needed to place a top up order to cover the students and Family fun Day events.  Whilst this may seem like a good problem to have had, Liz said it was all a bit disjointed, especially when it came to payments, and suggests to others “to have the big sale straight away to get funds and then distribute leftovers to committee.”

When it did come to sending the carry boxes of candles home with families, Liz found our templates available on our website very handy.  They had no returns; only additional orders and the feedback from families.  “They liked having a fresh choice in fundraising and the presentation of the candles was spot on” she said.

After the success of this fundraiser, the committee is now considering running a Greeting Cards drive with us.


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