Bringing in the Bling for Mother’s Day

Each year the P&C committee at Wilston State School offer students a number of creatively packaged up gifts to choose from at their Mother’s Day stall. 

This year Ingrid combined Living Fundraisers flower pots with necklaces sourced from eBay.  Students could choose a flower pot from five different types and then select a necklace to match.  They then added their items to a gift bag with their own hand-made card.

With the stall running for a full day, and the flower packages selling out by lunch time, Ingrid’s idea was very well received.  “It seems our kids love bling!” she remarked.

The Mother’s Day stall is an exciting time of year for both students and the committee explained Ingrid. “The kids love coming to the stall and choosing their gift, they really look forward to it.  With each gift costing around $5, and selling for $10, it’s great for us too as we make a reasonable profit.  Having a set price also makes it very easy for everyone.  We don’t have to worry about change or anything like that; the kids just choose their gift and pay on the way out”.

Organisation and communication ensures the ongoing success of the committee’s stall days. Ingrid believes that sourcing product prices, working to a plan – before and during the stall, advertising and having a good relationship with teachers are the things that make their stalls fun, easy and profitable.

This year they raised $3,000 and they will be running a similar stall for Father’s Day.