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A Curriculum Based Approach to Fundraising

What’s the best way for an early learning centre to raise funds? You might be surprised to hear that for the Victoria Point Early Learning Centre it was without mentioning money or fundraising at all. Instead, the centre focused on...
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Choosing the healthy option with no up-front costs

When you run a small after school program there isn’t a lot of money available to support your normal activities, let alone your fundraising efforts. That was the problem that Dyan from Eight Mile Plains Early Learning Centre in Brisbane faced...
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Dancing With Health

Fundraising for a dance troupe has to be a carefully chosen thing.  With an emphasis on strong and healthy bodies, our Tasty Snacks fundraiser was the perfect solution. Raising funds is often a difficult thing to do in a small...
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Herbs Help Grow Bookworms

We recently spoke with Veronica, a parent who ran a fundraiser with us and raised more than $4,500 to build a library at her childcare centre. Veronica shares her advice and tips on how to make your fundraiser a success…...
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How to grow your 'living' card

Swan River Daisy Each Christmas card includes paper embedded with Australian-native Swan River Daisy (Brachycome iberidifolia) seeds. The Swan River Daisy is an annual plant that can grow throughout most regions of Australia.  It is a branching, low-lying plant that...
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