The Best Father's Day Fundraising Ideas for 2019

We often get asked what our Father’s Day recommendations are so thought we would put them all in one place for anyone considering a drive this year.

Father's Day Veggie Growing Kit Capsicum

Veggie Growing Kits

It goes without saying that our Veggie Growing Kits are the number 1 pick for Father’s Day.  There are a few reasons for this, the main being the very convenient date we celebrate dads!  Early Spring is exactly the time to plant veggies – almost all of our varieties but one can be grown in September or October Australia-wide!  Varieties include Tomato, Rainbow Silverbeet, Corn, Lettuce, Beans, Snow Peas, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Capsicum and Chilli – all easy to use, no matter how experienced your dad is in the veggie patch!  See our video on how they work here.

Father's Day Herb Growing Kit Basil

Herb Growing Kits

Since redesigning our Herb Growing Kits, our funky little tins are fast becoming just as popular as the veggies.  The Parsley in a blue tin and Basil in a green seem to be the first choices for kids but you can also choose from Mint, Chives and Coriander.  Some schools purchase the pre-mixed sets and sell half for Mother’s Day, leaving all the Blue and Green tins for Father’s Day.  You can read a success story on that here.  To see just how easy it is to grow herbs from your window sill, click here for our video.

Father's Day Grass Hair Kits Old MacDonald’s Farm – Cow

Grass Hair Kits

The newest kids on the block, Grass Hair Kits are already proving a hit for Father’s Day stalls (the Old MacDonald’s Farm range that is, not the Christmas Range – you can save that range for later!) Choose from Cow, Pig, Lamb and Chicken and turn dad into a farmer OR a hairdresser!  Yep, kids of ALL ages will have fun growing, cutting and styling our little grass-haired friends and at just $5 each they fit into most schools’ budgets.  For more information, click here.

A note on our prices…  Whilst we have a recommended price of $7 for Growing Kits and $6 for Grass Hair Kits, it is entirely up to you what you charge.  Some committees like to drop the price and make slightly less profits, and others like to bump the prices up to make a bigger profit!  For some creative ideas on how to run your stalls, check out some Mother’s and Father’s Day success stories here.

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