And the winner is…. Mum! (oh & Dad & the kids & even the teachers!)

Chum Creek Primary School ran a take home drive with Living Fundraisers’ Growing Kits throughout April to coincide with Mother’s Day.  Each family received a mixed bag of Herbs, Flowers, Fruit and Veggies to sell and staff got involved too explained Fundraising Coordinator, Cherry. “I couldn’t believe it – a number of teachers asked for a whole bag to sell!”

Each week the growing kits were advertised in the school newsletter as gift ideas for Mother’s Day.  Cherry said the mums appreciated the suggestions and come May 8, were happy to receive such a cute gift.  They also appreciated being able to buy extras for grandmothers and some even bought herbs and veggies to keep for Father’s Day!  The kids seemed to love the fundraiser just as much as the parents and teachers.  “They carried their purple Living Fundraisers bags so proudly and couldn’t wait to sell the products so they could keep them!” explained Cherry.  How adorable!

With the school against chocolate fundraisers, Living Fundraisers with their healthy products was an easy choice for the committee.  “The fact that it is an Australian company was also very appealing” said Cherry.  The timing of the fundraiser was perfect not just for Mother’s Day, but for canteen changes that were being implemented at the same time.  “The growing kits really supported our new canteen that was switching to healthy, home-grown products” she said.

Whilst Cherry considers their Living Fundraisers drive a huge success, she wishes they stuck to just two products so that they could have run another growing kits drive later in the year!  “It was just such a great fundraiser.  I was very impressed with the support from the team.  Their emails were extremely helpful and the provided templates were all used which was a real time saver.  We will definitely be running another next year” she said.

The money raised will be going towards a new watering system for the school’s veggie patch.  How fitting!