All the profit without the hard work

The parent committee at Cheltenham Primary School were looking for a fundraiser to fit the school’s policy that encourages healthy eating.

The school is very committed to the policy and supports it with their Kitchen Classroom program where children grow and then eat their own vegies.

They selected our herb kits. Suddenly, Esther (a parent at the school) found herself managing a fundraiser for 248 families. When you are managing a fundraiser for a big number of families, the coordination can be tricky. Esther found that the best solution was to have one person in charge of the whole event, supported by other helpers.

When one person manages the process she can keep track of the number of kits going out, being sold and money being returned. There is only one set of records to manage. The kits were distributed to each family via their eldest child. Esther developed a spreadsheet to record the activity of each family. It allowed her to track who still had kits, who had returned them, who had returned the money and who needed to be followed up.

The fundraiser ran for one month. The return deadline was published in the school newsletter and followed up with weekly reminder letters. For two weeks a volunteer was available in the foyer to collect money and any leftover kits. It was made as simple as possible for families to manage.

While the coordination of the fundraiser involved a bit of work, Esther says that the reward was worth it. “It was a lot less work than a Trivia Night and yet raised the same amount of money” she said. In the end, they raised a whopping $4,000 from a fundraiser that supported the educational principles of the school.

Esther recommends getting the teachers involved in the process. They are the ones who will help with distributing the kits and so they need to be familiar with the important dates and information.

A Trivia Night with all the work it takes to find sponsors, sell tickets, and find MC’s or sell a few herb kits? Esther knows which she would choose. The school was so pleased with the result that they intend to run the fundraiser again in the future.

Ether’s Top Tips

  1. Have one person in charge supported by helpers
  2. Keep track of the number of kits going out and money being returned using a spreadsheet
  3. Send weekly reminders to your families of when they need to return their money
  4. Have someone responsible for collecting money and leftover items. Make it easy for people to locate them.
  5. Get teachers involved and make them aware of key dates and information so they can keep their class on track