A Savvy Scout's Success

Mark of Camden Park Scout Group has raised over $300 towards his Jamboree trip next year – a huge effort for a fundraiser of his age!  With a little help from his Mum, Dani, he has spent the last few weeks promoting Living Fundraisers Herb, Vegie, Fruit and Flower growing kits, responding to queries, taking orders and even running competitions via his Facebook page.  Not only has he sold more than 120 growing kits to friends and family; Mark has sold 15 to an OSHC who have limited space but wanted to start a kitchen garden, and 40 to his Aunty all the way over in China so she can run a gardening project with her special needs students. 

Dani said as soon Mark came across Living Fundraisers in their research, he immediately wanted to jump on board. “He is passionate about eating good, fresh food as he has many food allergies and helps prepare meals from scratch” she explained.  Mark also loves gardening and has had a vegie and herb garden for years.  “His enthusiasm has really contributed to the success of the Living Fundraiser. He has been encouraging people to buy the kits, grow them with their family and then use them in cooking.”

As a group, Camden Scouts have incorporated the Living Fundraisers products into their programs. The Cubs coloured in their free gift bags and planted the flower pots for Mother’s Day and some have grown herbs, fruits or vegies as part of their gardening badge.  “All the families have loved that it is a different type of fundraiser that gets the kids involved in the environment, sustainability and healthy living, while raising much needed funds for our scouts to attend Jamboree” said Dani.  “It has definitely been our most well received fundraiser to date, with the scout group selling over 300 growing kits to date.  We also plan to do the seeded Christmas cards later in the year.”