A living gift for Mother’s Day

Each year the Year 4 students at Turramurra Public School organise the gifts for Mother’s Day.  Usually they are the little hankies, pens and trinkets that most of us have still tucked away somewhere after the last Mother’s Day stall. 

This year they decided to try something different and chose Living Fundraisers’ Flower Growing Kits.

The Mother’s Day event is not intended to be a fundraiser but is purely a fun event in which all costs are covered.  Children pay $7 per head which pays for the gift and all costs.  This year it turned out differently.  The $7 fee paid for the kits and all associated costs and still brought a profit of $1500.

Each child chose a flower pot. It was placed into a white paper bag that the child had decorated.  A few heart-shaped chocolates were added to each bag and then the child chose the colours of tissue paper which was placed in the top of the bag to keep the contents a surprise.

The children loved the idea of giving their mum a living gift and really enjoyed having their own artistic involvement in the preparation of the gift bag.

The mothers loved the gift.  They were pleased to be given something different and it gave them the opportunity to share the growing of the flower with their child.

Betty, who organised the fundraiser, said that the process was easy and described it as a ‘no brainer’ saying that it fitted with the things the school was teaching.  She says that next year they hope to do this again and, seeing it isn’t designed to raise funds, may be able to do it at less than $7 per child.

We love this clever idea.  It’s a wonderful way to ensure that Mum is given a lovely gift which includes a special touch from her child.