Kids get in on the act

There are 190 families at St Mary’s Primary School and that’s a lot to deal with for your first fundraiser.  But nothing was going to stop Suzanne from making this fundraiser a success.

Right from the beginning Suzanne had a clear idea of how she wanted to manage the process and a clear strategy in mind.

The start of the fundraiser was timed to coincide with the “One Month Healthy Living Challenge” that the kids were looking forward to.  Suzanne decided to send the kits home with each family, although the office staff were worried that, like raffle tickets, some might go missing.

Suzanne said, “I knew that once parents could see the product – feel it, smell it – they would get into it, and they did.”

The school had chosen the Herbs and Veggie kits which were divided so that each family had some of each.

“Bless the team at Living Fundraisers for sorting the bags out for us.  It saved so much time, having 190 families to prepare for, Suzanne said.”

“This was the best fundraiser the school has ever run.  It was simple and easy, and the parents were really enthusiastic. The school has never seen parents so enthusiastic over a fundraiser!

The kids loved it, too.  It matched what they were doing with the health challenge but they love growing things so the kits were perfect. ”

“In fact, we have one grade 3/4 class who are born gardeners so I donated a kit to them so they can grow them next year.  The long shelf life of the kits is brilliant.  They will still be great to plant next year when school goes back.”

Rather than manage all the record keeping by herself, Suzanne called for parent reps from each classroom.  Those that had no parent reps had children from the 3/4 and 5/6 year levels helping out and they did a brilliant job. They tracked when the kits went out, who took them and when they came back.

TOP TIP! The one thing Suzanne would do differently is to put the names on the envelopes with each kit as they go out.  She said that some parents forgot to put their names on the envelope when it was returned which made tracking a bit hard at times.

The school raised almost $3,000 which is the best result they have ever had from a fundraiser.

“Good planning and a great product gave us such a great result that we were astonished.”

St Mary’s Altona is looking forward to working with some of the other products by Living Fundraisers in the coming year.