A breath of fresh air

“A breath of fresh air”, is how Samantha described her fundraising experience with Living Fundraisers’ products.

Shoalhaven Heads Public School is a small school with 165 children. The school was sick of the same old lamington drives or chocolate drives and wanted something that would support and raise funds for their Edible Garden Program.

When the committee chose to sell herbs and vegies as well as some of the other products on offer, parents thought it was absolutely fabulous.  The products related really well to the Edible Garden.

Samantha described the fundraiser as simple and without pressure.

The committee knew that it was easy to either return unsold items or to order more.  In the end there were very few returns.

In particular, the committee loved the high percentage paid to them, earning $2500 for their Edible Garden program.

The children loved the idea that they were making money to help their garden and also helping the kids at the Happy School in Cambodia.  It got them excited and really involved in the process.

“Working with Living Fundraisers was easy because of the wonderful and really personal service,”  Samantha said, and that the school was “Very impressed with the whole experience.”