5 uses for our Soy Candle boxes

We’re sure that you would agree our Soy Candle boxes are just too pretty to throw away once the candles have finished burning, so have come up with a few different ways to recycle them.


  1. Buy some seedlings or reserve some of your Living Fundraisers Herb, Veggie or Flower seeds to grow your own plants in the box. The only other thing you will need is some good quality potting mix and in a matter of days you will have a beautiful window sill garden happening! Once the cardboard begins to get a little soggy, you can plant the box in a larger pot or in the ground – much easier than transplanting and another great way to reduce waste!
  2. Use the box to store make-up, nail polish, cotton buds or any other beauty items that fit. This will look nice on a bathroom shelf or dresser and is much more practical than the old toiletry bag!
  3. Store the kids’ craft bits and bobs – a different coloured box for each material! You could also use them to store your own crafty items too.
  4. One word – stationery!
  5. Turn the box into an office lolly healthy snack jar. Everyone will expect a candle to be on the inside so no wandering hands….