5 uses for our Herb Tins

Besides being a super cute home for herbs to grow on your window sill or office desk, we’ve come up with 5 uses for our 5 different coloured herb tins.

Once you’ve transplanted your herbs to a bigger pot or the garden to grow more freely, you can wash and use the tins in the following ways:


  1. Dry herbs or chillies in them. Pop whatever it is you would like to dry inside the tin and simply place in a sunny spot. This is a great way to preserve your herbs and chillies if you are in abundance.
  2. Store your make-up in them. They are the perfect size for lipsticks and nail polishes and will look gorgeous in your bathroom or bedroom!
  3. Use them to store buttons, paper clips, cotton reels and other bits and bobs we often leave scattered around the house.
  4. Use them as kids money boxes, treat tins or storage containers – I am sure the kids will have a few ideas of their own too!
  5. Grow more herbs, veggies, fruit or flower seeds in them! All you’ll need is some seeds and potting mix.