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5 uses for our Soy Candle boxes

We’re sure that you would agree our Soy Candle boxes are just too pretty to throw away once the candles have finished burning, so have come up with a few different ways to recycle them.   Buy some seedlings or reserve some of your Living Fundraisers Herb,...
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Flower Power Fundraising

Dalby Christian College’s Early Learning Centre recently finished the first of their three Living Fundraisers drives for the year and what a wonderful job they did! Centre Director, Erica chose the Flowers to start with as she thought they looked lovely and was also...
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Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Gawler Health Foundation has been placing orders with us for over a year now, so we thought it was about time we got in touch to find out exactly how they run such successful fundraisers. In the past they have sold our Herb and Veggie Kits and the 2016 range of...
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Wow!!!! What an awesome initiative. The parents loved the idea of a healthy fundraiser and the kids loved watching the herb kits grow. This will definitely be a permanent fixture on our Kinder’s annual fundraising calendar

-Julie Van Netten, 17th December 2015

Living Fundraisers really do put the FUN back into fundraising! Our Kinder families were delighted with the very cute flower pots, herb packs and the handy fruit and veg growing kits plus we booked early and made bonus profits – yay!

– Megan Foote 12th November 2015

The Living Fundraisers’ folk were lovely! Always so very helpful and understanding of the needs of our school.  We held a quick and successful campaign just prior to the Christmas holidays and we are very grateful for your help!

-Kate, 4th January 2015