Template – Announcing Your Fundraiser


Use this template to announce your upcoming fundraiser and let your sellers know what they need to do…



Dear families/members,


In [month] we will be running a fundraising drive to raise money for [what you intent to buy or use the money for]. We are hoping to raise $____ and need your help and support.

Each family/group member will be given a small carry bag of [herb growing kits/veggie growing kits/fruit growing kits/flower growing kits/birthday & greeting cards/snack foods/Christmas cards] to sell. We’ve chosen this product to promote healthy, family-friendly fundraising.

[delete this section if you don’t want to give people the option to ‘opt-out’] If you DO NOT wish to be involved in this fundraising drive, please notify [name, contact phone/email] by [date].



Thank you for you support. We are grateful for your involvement in helping us fundraise for [school/organisation name].

Yours sincerely,[name, position]