One tonne of a target - Living Fundraisers

A diverse school of 300 families, the Closet Cleanout fundraiser was perfect for Anderson’s Creek Primary School. As a mum and teacher, Trudi liked that it offered parents a way to help without spending any money.

“Not only are they contributing to the school, but they are contributing to a greater cause. Parents were really interested in knowing where their unused clothes were going and why” she said.

With that in mind, Trudi plans on promoting this aspect of the fundraiser more ahead of their second Closet Cleanout in October.

With their first collection weighing in at 997kg, they have a target of reaching a tonne next time. The plan is to generate even more interest from families by holding an assembly presentation in the weeks leading up to the fundraiser.

“This will get the kids talking amongst themselves, and hopefully with their parents back home” Trudi explained. “Just like in the first drive, we will also put a note in the newsletter, send the bags home with families, and after a few weeks, see the bags roll in!”

The funds raised from this year’s Closet Cleanouts are going towards sun shades for the school.

Trudi said she could see this fundraising becoming a fixture in their fundraising activities. “Due to the nature of the program, we would continue book every year without fail”, she said.