Kids Guess Kilograms in Closet Cleanout Drive - Living Fundraisers

The opportunity to combine fundraising with a good cause lead to very quick approval of the Closet Cleanout program by the Ballam Park School Council.  With no buying or selling involved, the parents and teachers saw it as a new and exciting way to educate students on helping employment in developing countries, with the added bonus of raising some funds.

The Parents Club came up with some great ideas to get the kids interested in the program.  One way was to give them the opportunity of guessing the total kilograms collected by the school.

“The winner was announced at assembly and it was lovely to be able to involve all students – they loved it!” explained Tamara.

The Parents Club also called on the students to help on collection day.  “With 591kg of bags to get in the van, I think they really enjoyed being able to help us and the Living Fundraisers team”.

“We got really positive feedback from the parents as well.  We do a number of fundraisers throughout the year so it was great to do something a bit different, and lovely not having to ask anyone for money!” said Tamara.

Families were given two weeks to fill their bags and could off-load them at a central point over three days at school drop off and pick up times.

“Living Fundraisers sent us a suggested letter to send out to families which made the whole thing really easy.  We were very impressed with their approach from start to finish and have booked another drive for later in the year”, said Tamara.

Tamara highly recommends the Closet Cleanout program and plans on incorporating it into the school’s fundraising program each year.

Funds raised will go towards Ballam Park’s fresh fruit delivery program for the students.