How to Return Goods - Living Fundraisers

Returns Policy


  • Returns are accepted on veggies, herbs, flowers, fruit, candles and cards
  • Due to health regulations, we cannot accept returns on snacks
  • You may return up to the minimum order of 10 carry bags/boxes, eg: if you order 50 carry bags, you may return up to 40. If you ordered the minimum, returns cannot be accepted.
  • We can only credit in kit-lots (lots of 10 herbs/veg/fruit/flowers/xmas cards or 5 candles/greeting cards). They do not need to be in the original kit configuration. eg: you can include any 10 herb ‘flavours’ to make a kit lot
  • All returns must be notified by the due date of your invoice. Once notified, we will issue you a credit memo and statement showing the final balance. The final balance must be paid by the due date of the original invoice.
  • Products must be returned in original condition at your cost.

How To Return Goods

If you meet these criteria, please:

1. Notify us the number of full kits (carry bags/boxes) of each product you wish to return, eg: 3 herbs, 2 flowers. We will then issue you a Credit Memo and statement for payment.

2. Once we have processed your returns and sent you a Credit Memo, you may return the goods to our warehouse. The address is:

The Bridge Works
Attn: John Pappa
95A Cheltenham Rd
Dandenong South VIC 3175

Please note that we cannot accept deliveries to any other address. All returns must come to the warehouse.

Items can be sent by courier, Australia Post or delivered in person between 8am -4.00pm, Monday-Friday. If your organisation does not have an account with a courier, some customers have used the online freight brokerage service to return goods.

3. IMPORTANT: You must include a copy of your Credit Memo with the items so your returns can be marked off as received.

Calculating Your Return Freight

(note whether your courier asks for millimetres or centimetres when obtaining a quote or booking – you may need to convert the dimensions)