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Melon & Mint Madness – salads, pickles and more!

The combination of watermelon and halloumi is to die for, especially when BBQ’d. It may seem like an odd combination but paired with some fresh herbs and salad leaves, it makes for a delightfully refreshing change to the regular BBQ salad. Click here for our... read more

Create an Australian Gumtree Garland

If you’re looking for an activity to do with the kids for Australia Day tomorrow, our Gumtree Garland is just the thing!  Enjoy a stroll around town (or perhaps just in your backyard!) to collect your beautiful foliage then sit down to create your masterpiece.... read more

Living Fundraisers Season Planner

Have you seen our Fundraiser Season Planner yet? It is a great tool to help you decide which fundraisers to run and when. Simply check out the map then go to your climate zone for seasonal recommendations. Click here or on the image below to download a printable... read more

Orange & Cranberry Christmas Cookies

Add a little zest to your Christmas this year with our delicious Orange and Cranberry Cookies. Perfect with an afternoon cuppa or an after-dinner tipple, and for an adults-only version try adding a dash of Cointreau to the icing (we marked our adult ones with some... read more

Create your own Christmas Bird Seed Hangers

Living Fundraisers’ Rae has been at it again in both the kitchen and the garden, making Christmas-themed Bird Seed Hangers with her little Fun!raiser, Jack. All you need is some general kitchen items, bird seed and cookie cutters and you’re on your way to... read more

Tasty Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Who doesn’t love receiving edible gifts? Especially when they are homemade and have been bundled, decorated or wrapped with a personal touch. Don’t get us wrong, flowers are lovely but we think herbs are just as lovely and have the added bonus of being... read more

How to Create a Gumboot Garden

Cute, quirky and totally practical…  Gumboot planters are a great way to brighten up your garden and at the same time, recycle! Here we have used Petunias and Snapdragons, two garden favourites and both available in our Flower range.Just about any flower plant... read more

Eggcellent Kid’s Garden Activities

Eggshells can be used for so many garden and craft activities; here’s just a couple we thought we would share. Eggshell painting (pictured) – fill your empty eggshells with paint and water, cover the holes with tissue paper, then go crazy and throw them at... read more

Mel’s Crunchy Coconut Muesli

Mel’s Crunchy Coconut Muesli is packed full of tasty goodness making it the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack. It’s also easy to experiment with ingredients and quantities, making it just right for you and your family. Click here to view the... read more