Crib Point community gets behind cash for clothes - Living Fundraisers

As soon as Raelene heard about the new Closet Cleanout recycling program, she knew it was something the parents would love to get on board with.

“With no costs involved, and very little effort required by the families, it was a very easy decision for the committee,”
Raelene said.

Organising the fundraiser was as simple as attaching a Living Fundraisers collection bag to the fortnightly newsletter and inviting the school’s 96 families to bring in any unwanted clothes, shoes, handbags, linen and soft toys for re-use in developing countries.

Each family brought in an average of 6.7kg, with many filling another 2 garbage bags on top of the bag provided by Living Fundraisers.

A number of bags were also brought in by community members after the committee posted on the local Facebook page.

Crib Point Primary School raised over $160. “It was such a hassle-free way to raise funds” explained Raelene.

The parents just did what they would do once or twice a year anyway, and many of them said it was actually easier than driving to their local opp shop or charity bin!

The Living Fundraisers team were great too.  They provided us with everything we needed ahead of the drive, turned up in their van to collect the bags on the agreed day, and made payment the following day – easy!

Raelene said she would definitely recommend the Closet Cleanout to other schools and organisations as an ongoing fundraiser.  They have already booked another collection for Term 4 and plan on continuing next year.