Meet the Team - Living Fundraisers

Melissa (Mel) Hodge

(left) Wing Woman, Marketing Queen, Fun!raiser

Obsessed with all things food, Mel grows her own produce and uses it to create delicious, healthy and easy recipes which she often shares on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Before Living Fundraisers, Mel worked in the Health and Charity industries in both Melbourne and London.

Rae McCracken

(right) Community Manager, Supermum, Fun!raiser

Rae is a mum of three and has been involved in fundraising for many years, through both kindergartens and schools, as well as various charities. Rae has a Masters in Teaching and is passionate about the academic, social and emotional education of children.


Rebeka Morgan

(centre) Founder, CEO, Boss Lady

Rebeka started Living Fundraisers seven years ago whilst studying a Masters of Entrepreneurship. Concerned with the prevalence of junk food fundraising, she decided to create healthier, family friendly alternatives. A mum of five, Rebeka is continually inspired to create new products and programs that help parents and teachers educate kids about healthy eating and the environment.