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5 uses for our Herb Tins

Besides being a super cute home for herbs to grow on your window sill or office desk, we’ve come up with 5 uses for our 5 different coloured herb tins. Once you’ve transplanted your herbs to a bigger pot or the garden to grow more freely, you can wash and use the tins...
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Fundraiser Checklist

Have you seen our Fundraiser Checklist yet? A checklist like this is essential for running a successful fundraiser and is a great place to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed!  Click here or on the image below to download a printable version.   Save...
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No Mugs or Magnets here!

Narara Public School wanted something a little different for their Mother’s Day stall this year so went for Living Fundraisers’ new Grow in the Tin Herb Kits and Flower Growing Kits. “The kids loved having something new and exciting that they watch grow with their...
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Wow!!!! What an awesome initiative. The parents loved the idea of a healthy fundraiser and the kids loved watching the herb kits grow. This will definitely be a permanent fixture on our Kinder’s annual fundraising calendar

-Julie Van Netten, 17th December 2015

Living Fundraisers really do put the FUN back into fundraising! Our Kinder families were delighted with the very cute flower pots, herb packs and the handy fruit and veg growing kits plus we booked early and made bonus profits – yay!

– Megan Foote 12th November 2015

The Living Fundraisers’ folk were lovely! Always so very helpful and understanding of the needs of our school.  We held a quick and successful campaign just prior to the Christmas holidays and we are very grateful for your help!

-Kate, 4th January 2015